This is the glossary of my Build Your Nest postpartum planning workbook.  My goal with this glossary is to connect women with the resources and information needed during postpartum, presented in a concise and easy to read format.

The glossary includes:

  • critical breastfeeding information
  • parenting practices that are backed by 60 years of human development research and by traditional baby care worldwide
  • healing modalities that can have huge impact on a women’s recovery and long term health
  • non-profit organizations that help women all over the world
  • traditional postpartum practices that honor women with care
  • my own postpartum inventions that can be used to rally support and create community

My focus is primarily on the weeks and months that follow birth.  This time is often overlooked with many women being left to face the challenges of recovery, breastfeeding, baby care, and family life without support.

If you are a professional, please share this freely with your clients.

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“I love the glossary!  I just came across your site, while researching content for our Postpartum Doula Training Workshop that we run, in Ontario, Canada.   I’ve printed up the glossary, and added it to my postpartum client handbooks. So, thank you!”

-Amanda Schnarr, Founder & Director Labour & Postpartum doula, trainer & mentor