A Meal Tree is a sign up schedule for friends and family to bring meals to a family of a newborn.

I love Meal Trees.   The simple act of sharing food strengthens communities.

I made Meal Tree Guide to make the planning easier!

Meal Tree Guide by Kestrel Gates

For the family receiving meals, the Meal Tree is a huge support, allowing them to cherish this time with their new born with one less thing to worry about.  It enables them to stay home, while feeling connected and supported.  It makes receiving visitors so much easier without the additional calling and scheduling.  And of course eating fresh, home cooked food, made with love, feels  so good, especially for a breastfeeding parent.

“My family was showered with meals for 6 weeks after both of my children were born.  I felt so loved and taken care of.  And every chance I get to share this gift with others I do!”

I have written the Meal Tree Guide to support you in either being the recipient or being the coordinator of a Meal Tree.  And please, do not coordinate your own Meal Tree!  Your good friend will do a much better job of saying “Hey, these guys could use some more food!”

The Meal Tree Guide gives you
  • a template for gathering necessary info from the Mama
  • a sign-up sheet for baby showers and mama blessings
  • a step by step process, making it easy to coordinate
  • lots of suggestions for getting people involved
  • suggestions for customizing the plan to best meet your needs

As the coordinator you will have the huge satisfaction of knowing that your dear friends are being taken care and feeling loved.

” . . . My clients were very grateful for the results of the Meal Tree,
enjoying meals for about a month. Thanks so much!”

-Sue Skinner CNM CFNP

May the joy of sharing food spread far and wide!