My mission is about vitality.

It is about self-care. It is about deeply inhabiting your own body. It is about this time of giving birth, holding babies, tending to family. It is about placing yourself at the center of your family. It calls on the importance of community, the necessity to slow down time, make time. It is mother-positive, parent-positive. It is about tapping your own wisdom, finding your own way. It is about vitality growing stronger with each baby born.

I am passionate about intentional living, day-to-day joy, strong communities, and the wellbeing of mothers and babies.

I would love to hear from you!

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I wrote the Build Your Nest workbook as a mother with my own postpartum experiences, listening to the struggles and triumphs of other parents.

In 2016 I presented on postpartum planning at a birth conference in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where the workbook is available in the Russian language. What I am finding is that there is a nearly universal need for greater focus on the postpartum time.

 I am super excited to be part of a growing cultural movement that honors and celebrates mothers.

I have completed two doula trainings, first in 1997 and then in 2017. I have degree in dance and have studied many movement forms. I’ve worked as a massage therapist and had the honor to spend a month assisting midwife Angelina Martinez Miranda in Mexico.

Currently, I live in the country on the Oregon coast, near Astoria, with my husband and our two children. We make handmade paper lights and homeschool. I am a La Leche League leader and certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator and offer postpartum steam packages, as well as postpartum planning consults.

Since the first birth I attended in 1997, I have been drawn to the childbearing realm, but it wasn’t until I had my own that I realized how important the postpartum time is.  Within 10 days of giving birth, I was on a construction site, looking at the ceiling where one of our custom lights would be installed. When my son was 4 weeks old, I was helping create a community performance project and up late writing press releases. It was too much. I had the idea that jumping back into everything quickly, was natural and showed how well I had adjusted to motherhood. I paid for it hard. Those first weeks and months were so much harder than giving birth. Nearly four years later, I gave birth to our daughter.

This time, I planned. I cleared my plate. I called in help. And it was such a sweet, sweet time.

These experiences set me on a mission to help other mothers have more rest and support. To this end I have written the Build Your Nest ~ a postpartum planning workbook.