Community Partners Project

& Spanish translation

Goal: get the workbook into the hands of families who may not otherwise have access.

Having rest, support, and care after birth does NOT belong to a specific class or culture of people.  ALL FAMILIES should have the information they need to make a plan that is right for them.

Right now, I am working on getting the workbook translated to Spanish, with culturally specific information, including traditional postpartum practices, as well as addressing language barrier issues for Spanish speaking families in the US.

I am excited to be working with Marissa Bolaños, a doula from Mexico who will be not only contributing her translation skills, but also her passion for the postpartum.

To make all this happen I have a crowd funding page up. Even $5 helps! Donate now!

I’m also offering a workbook/donation package with free shipping. $37 Buy Now!

All the funds raised for the Spanish translation will be paid forward and begin the Community Partners Program. Once translation is done, organizations or businesses will be chosen to be Community Partners and will receive workbooks.