infant massage interview with Shaina Traisman

This week, I introduce you to Shaina Traisman LMD, LPD.  She has a wonderful skill set blend as a doula, massage therapist and yoga instructor, but what I am so excited to share with you is about Infant Massage.  I hope just reading this little bit will inspire more mamas to take the time with their babies to bond in this beautiful way.  And if you can, dive deeper with an Infant Massage class.
Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I live on a ten acre farm in Washougal, WA but my services extend to Vancouver and Portland, as well as throughout the Columbia River Gorge. I’m a licensed doula, massage therapist, yoga instructor, infant massage instructor and herbalist in training. I am married and 34 weeks pregnant with our first child.

What is infant massage and what are the benefits?

Infant Massage is a very old and globally practiced form of massage which utilizes techniques that can assist the well being of your child. The list of benefits is extremely lengthy but I will name just a few. Most importantly IM (infant massage) gives you a special time to bond with your baby and to foster trust, love and greater sensitivity. On a physical level IM aids the gastrointestinal tract by reducing gas, bloating and the pains of colic, helps baby sleep more soundly and reduces crying, enhances neurological development, improves immune system function, helps to improve sensory and body awareness and has even been shown to build confidence and self esteem in children over the long term.

How do families learn to do it?

The overall concept of IM is very intuitive, but there are many specific techniques and indications that can be learned from a book or optimally in a class. The advantage of taking a class is that you get hands on experience right then and there and any questions can be answered if things seem unclear. If you are planning on resorting to a book, I would recommend  Infant Massage A Handbook for Loving Parents by Vimala Schneider McClure

And finally, what message would you like to send out to all postpartum women?

I  highly recommend that new moms spend time massaging their babies. Not only does the simple act of massage reinforce the well being of your baby, but it will also offer you a greater sense of fulfillment, love and understanding.

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