Postpartum Support Invention #2: The House Fairy

If you give birth at a hospital or birthing center, imagine coming home with your newborn in arms, to a house that has been all loved up with a big pot of soup waiting for you!   While you are busy giving birth, the House Fairy comes to your home and does light cleaning, and leaves a big pot of soup, warming tea, and fresh flowers.   The counters are clean, dishes done, beds made, toys are picked up and the floors are swept.  Your home is warm, fresh, and peaceful.

A House Fairy is a close friend, relative, or postpartum doula who is on call and ready to prepare your home for you and your newborn.

She should be someone with whom you feel comfortable asking to do your dirty dishes and pick up your laundry!  And she needs to be ready to receive the call and swing into action.  She may cook your first meal postpartum or she can coordinate with your Meal Tree to have a meal waiting for you.  You can be clear about what you do and don’t want.

“She” may be a he or a they.  In fact, maybe the House Fairy is your A-Team!  This is something you plan ahead for and include in your postpartum plan.

I birthed at home, so I didn’t experience the magic of a House Fairy, but my midwives, my mom and my mother-in-law did have my home feeling warm and peaceful as I lay in my bed cradling my newborn in sheer amazement.  Maybe this idea came to me in part because whenever I have left my husband at home for a few days, I always envision coming home to a sparkling clean house. Needless to say this is pure fantasy, and maybe not all deserved!

A woman who has just given birth, on the other hand, absolutely deserves a House Fairy!!