weekly meal planning

Today, I want to share the template we use for planning out our meals each week.  It really helps simplify the process, helps my husband and I work together in the kitchen more efficiently, and really does lower our over all stress.  We go through long phases of not keeping up with this, and recently in a fervor of chart making I decided to make this chart to get us back on track.

We sit down for a few minutes on Sunday night after the kids are asleep and jot down what dinners we would like to make through the week.  From here, we can think about lunches.  Some days, we cook the main meal of the day for lunch and then eat it again as left overs for dinner.  This can be so great for us because we are homeschooling and working from home.  Other days we’ll have leftovers from dinner for lunch the following day or something very simple thrown together.   Looking at what we’ve chosen for dinners also helps to see what needs to be prepared the day before.  Garbanzo soup on Wednesday, means soak the garbanzos on Tuesday!  The prep column is also for food processing -the tomatoes from our CSA are piling up on the counter, so I write down “can tomato sauce” on a day that I know I will have extra time.  Sometimes we only plan for a few days out and need to reconvene midweek.  Throughout the process I am adding to the shopping list.

This chart lives on the inside of My Binder -which is how I organize our whole family life.

Systems and strategies for being organized only bring greater calm and ease if they are a good fit -so while I would love for my template to be useful for others, I also want to encourage you to tap into your own creativity and visioning to find just the right way to add a little more peace and order to your life.

If you are planning your postpartum time, please consider exploring ways to pass off the dinner cooking responsibility for a while!  You can have  a Meal Tree organized for you, freeze food, ask family or friends for help.  This all can lighten to load on you and your partner.  This template can help you share the cooking responsibility, and it can  help you ease back into cooking if you are able to get a break.

Get your template here.

And if you are interested in exploring family organizing tips here is my pinterest board: organized

I’d love to hear how it goes for you!